How Avatars Will Change the Future of Communications

Through the magic of avatars, you can seamlessly communicate with anyone in the world instantly.

We’re on the verge of a digital revolution — fundamentally changing how we interact with each other and with technology.

Avatars can carry out tasks for you, answer questions, give suggestions, and even be your perspective in situations where someone else is speaking. And in this immersive world, we are building, everyone is free to communicate without any barriers.

The Changing Face of Virtual Identities

The past few decades have seen a transformation in the world of technology. From landlines to mobiles to video conferencing, methods of communication have changed and evolved thrice in our generation.

Let us look closely at certain aspects that determine the newer avenues of technology:

· Augmented reality and Virtual reality are crucial to modernizing different forms of communication. Then there is mixed reality, which brings the real and the virtual world together in a manner that you cannot distinguish between the two.

· Two of the major sectors that took a giant leap forward with the adoption and implementation of AR& VR are gaming and entertainment. Advancements in technology have helped visualize a fictional world by wearing a headset or viewing a hologram.

Photorealistic Avatars are setting a benchmark for communications in the Future

How Will Mixed Reality Help Us Communicate and Collaborate?

The technology that led to the creation of avatars is accelerating. Avatars will continue to increase in human-machine interaction holograms and augmented reality. The possibilities are endless — and only just beginning to be imagined. Avatars are being used across enterprises to augment real-world experiences. We believe that interactions through avatars have the potential to be incredibly powerful and inclusive. On the consumer end, avatars can bridge the digital divide between customers and corporations by providing ease in barrier-less communications.

Avatars can combine multiple realms to create new opportunities.

Virtual identities are emerging as an integral part of our digital lives. As more information flows digitally, these avatars will become part of our daily lives.

In our endeavor to promote this growing trend, we are building Jio Glass avatars that consumers can use from the comfort of their home.

As our technology grows rapidly, it will fundamentally change the way people communicate, collaborate, and represent themselves. Jio Tesseract heralds the paradigm shift to the mixed reality sector, which employs a new wave of technology. You can be a part of this monumental change by joining the Jio Glass Developers community to scale up, conceptualize, design, and implement AR/VR/MR experiences.

How Will Workplace Communication Transform?

The massive influx of virtual reality and augmented reality is causing a significant shift in communications. These new realities create fun and innovative ways to stay in touch with co-workers, clients, and customers.

Existing collaborative tools like Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams harness technology to produce new environments and opportunities to meet in virtual locations. “A PwC report predicted that nearly 23.5 million jobs worldwide would use AR and VR by 2030 for training, work meetings, or to provide better customer service. “

Case Scenarios:

· Spatial is an excellent example of a tool that uses 3D-realistic avatars and virtual spaces to bring people together.

· Accenture successfully experimented with VR induction exercises for recruits.

· Vroom is an online car retailer that adopted the concept of a VR showroom.

· Marriott International offers virtual reality in its room service.

Avatars will be the primary means of communicating with employees in the not-so-distant future

Workplace avatars will change how we communicate both within organizations and across them. Disrupting the current norms of professional communication by making professional communication more avatar-based is the key to change.

Avatars will also make it easier for businesses to find new clients by bridging the digital divide — allowing business owners and stakeholders to interact in different settings.

Wrapping Up

You can influence the future. What you do, say, and draw will be felt by others and will shape the world in which future generations live. Imagine a future where your avatar could be used for making calls, shopping, traveling, and doing more.

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