Building AR and VR Apps Specialization with Unity XR

Why Build AR and VR Apps on Unity with Jio Mixed Reality SDK

Gone are the days of absorbing information the boring traditional way. Today is the age of immersive technologies. People want to interact with the information as opposed to just looking at it. This is where XR apps and technologies come into play and why AR and VR integration is on the rise. 

If you want to develop XR applications, the first step you need to take is to pick the right development platform for you. There are two most common platforms that you can use, Unity and Unreal. Unity the is more popular of the two, according to a survey by VisionMobile, 59% of virtual reality developers are using Unity to develop their games.  

In fact, our proprietary SDK, the JioGlass Mixed Reality SDK (JMRSDK) is also based on Unity, which means that all apps on JioGlass are developed on Unity.  

So, how do you get started with developing AR and VR Apps on Unity3D? 

Why develop AR and VR Apps? 

Before you are ready to start developing XR applications, you should ask yourself, why you should even be developing XR apps in the first place. The short answer is that XR is the future of technology, which means that this is the best time to get into developing AR/VR applications.  

AR/VR offers a more immersive experience and lets users to partake instead of being just mere bystanders. In addition to AR/VR gaming, this tech is showing great promise in fields like entertainment, edtech, healthcare, manufacturing and so much more.  


For example, AR/VR is being incorporated into education to upgrade simple textbook learning into more interactive learning. Companies are also piggybacking on this to incorporate XR into training to provide a more hands-on training experience.  

Additionally, fields like manufacturing and healthcare are already incorporating XR in various ways, including but not limited to allowing experts to handle equipment from around the world, for training, for remote assistance, and so much more.  

So, it’s safe to say that the sky is the limit, and that AR/VR is going to be integrated in almost everything we do in the future. Therefore, you should get ahead of the curve and start developing AR/VR applications today. 

You can also Join the JioGlass Developer Network and work with fellow AR/VR developers with the support of Jio. The JioGlass Developer Network offers guidance on your development journey and helps you publish your app on the JioGlass XR App Store.  

What is Unity? 

Unity was originally designed as a platform for game development but has since expanded its offerings and has become a popular tool for developing apps for desktop, mobile, console and even virtual reality. 

Unity is currently the most popular free platform for building AR/VR apps in the tech-industry. The engine can be used to create three-dimensional (3D) and two-dimensional (2D) games, as well as interactive simulations for multiple purposes. 

Why develop apps on Unity?  

Here are just some of the various reasons why Unity is more popular than Unreal or Amazon’s Sumerian.

  • Free to use 

First and foremost, Unity is free to use, which to many is one of its main selling points. Not to mention that it's good. Good and free, who can ask for more. The Unity Pro version is upwards of $1500, but you only need that if you are a big publisher. Most of the tools you need are covered in the free version.  

  • Multiple platform support 

Unity supports over 28 platforms and integrates with 60% of the entire AR and VR content. It also has various tools for AR and VR creators. This is one of the major reasons why Unity is so prominently used, it makes it easy for developers to port to various platforms.  

  • Wide range of tools for creativity 

It has a huge asset store which allows users to download props, shading, textures, and more from the store. These assets let the developer add complexity to their game and make it stand out.  

  • Ease of use 

Unity is fairly easy to use. It is better to have some C# scripting knowledge, however it is not needed. Unity tells you if a string of code is incorrect or causing problems, so you can immediately identify the issue and solve it. It also supporting several file formats which makes it quite easy to use.  

  • Great for developers of all experience 

Unity has many plugins which give you more access to diverse game monetization infrastructure like mobile ad networks, ad videos, etc. The engine architecture is also simpler to understand and work with. The launch process is less complicated, which makes it great for developers.  

  • Community 

Unity has a bigger community which is really active in forums, so if developers have some questions, there are many specialists out there to help them. 

Best Works Build on JMRSDK + Unity  

Here are some of the best apps that developers that are part of the JioGlass Developer Network have built on JMRSDK and Unity.  

  1. VtimeXR by vTime Limited 
    Meet, chat, and watch content with real people from around the globe in vTime XR -the world's first cross-reality (XR) social network. Socialize with friends from anywhere in the world inside stunning virtual destinations.
  2. Ancient Athens in VR by Lithodomos
    Step back in time to visit and explore the Streets of Ancient Athens, including the Acropolis, Parthenon, and Athenian Agora, and see them in all their original splendour and glory.
  3. Spacey’s Adventure by AgrMayank Studios 
    Took by surprise, the enemies have destroyed half of your planet's defence systems. It's utter chaos out there, and you're fighting a losing battle! Shoot down enemies in your spaceship in this fast space shooting game.  
  4. ARTSAN by DreamSoft Innovations Pvt   
    A mixed reality painting application that brings together many virtual art supplies to create beautiful artworks.  
  5. Ealtic Yoga App by Ealtic 
    A Yoga and Meditation Mixed Reality wellness platform that teaches or trains yoga postures/asanas and meditation, where you can perform them with guided instructions from Mr. Ealtic, a 3D avatar. 


With XR development gaining momentum in multiple sectors, this is the perfect time to kick-start your XR development career. Unity is a great platform for developing XR apps because of its ease of use and myriad of features. This is exactly why our JMRSDK is based on Unity, and why our JioGlass Developer Network is currently the largest growing XR community in India.  

 So, don’t miss your chance, join the JioGlass Developer Network and get started on your XR app development journey here: Click Here.