5G& XR-A New Era Of Immersive Experiences

The launch of 5G services has opened doors to endless possibilities, which have boosted new generation technologies such as cloud computing, edge computing, AI and ML, and AR/VR.  

The next-generation devices will process and stream content through 5G split-rendering with the dual advantages of high-throughput and low-latency connections. 

Augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) are two innovative technologies that significantly benefit this new digital reality. These technologies have opened new ways of working in manufacturing, gaming, media, automotive, and healthcare, allowing for increased productivity and completely new user experiences.  

5G can unlock endless opportunities for the future in the area-wide application of AR/VR.” 

Widespread Impact of 5G Tech 

Growth estimate in CAGR from 2016-2020 due to AR/VR in the Indian market stands at 55%. (Source: Research and Markets). With the emerging 5G network strength, the entire spectrum of extended reality stands to gain a lot. 

Companies have started implementing projects to develop mobile AR/VR solutions that focus primarily on the customer and create a compelling experience. Working with tech leaders and service providers will ensure that the solutions are designed across all use-cases that 5G tech will offer in the future. 

Soon we will witness AR/VR deployment in local environments. Mobile AR/VR solutions might be more in demand than stationary VR devices. This tech is evolving at a swift pace. Soon, dedicated AR devices will be available, catering to a much wider variety of relevant applications in the B2B and B2C domains. 

While most people think AR and VR technologies are relevant only in gaming, many industries are looking towards these technologies as game-changers. The 5G spectrum and the infrastructure design allow edge computing that occurs on localized servers and devices. Hence, you can quickly process data in applications and deliver AR and VR experiences across various businesses and industries. Keeping that in mind, we can assume the VR and AR use cases will grow exponentially across different verticals powered by 5G. 

“Increase in bandwidth and a significant reduction in latency will result in an enhanced user experience.” 

Benefits of 5G connectivity 

Reduction in latency 

Latency translates into the time taken for a request to transform into a response. Hence, with 5G, the responsiveness will improve with at least a ‘ten times reduction in latency’ (Source: ABI Research). Subsequently, XR will see a paradigm shift with the 5G offering of sub-5 or sub-2 ms latency. 

Thus, this is a turning point considering the predecessor’s 4G values. The recorded response time is 50 ms for 4G, while 5G reports a drastic reduction to 1-2 ms, respectively. 

You can easily imagine the smooth transitions and high-speed control for users. 

Increase in Bandwidth 

5G network frameworks boast about the increase in computational ability and processing agility. The build conforms to the potential to handle a spike in users or transfer huge pockets of data. 4G networks failed due to their inability to handle large amounts of data for users at a time. 

After all, many connections of the order of millions to billions will function simultaneously for the VR/AR space to fly high. 

Deployment of Cloud solution 

Wireless-driven coverage will change the landscape of user experience. You will no longer require large systems, and all the tasks and operations will occur in the cloud. Hence, the limitless utilization of XR will help in opening the doors to next-generation immersive realities. 

Tourism can see an instant boost by deploying XR solutions like our JioGlass. For instance, you can travel any part of the world from the confines of your home. Even if you’re at that place, you can simultaneously view interesting facts and the scenic visuals of the area. 

Retail stores will face a significant revamping of their models. With the use of JioGlass, you can browse through multiple outlets or categories of shopping items to decide what to buy.  

Developers Program 

Our goal is to enhance and develop products to disrupt the global mixed reality market. Our Developer Program allows creators to build for the XR hardware and reach the most extensive user base in India, including the 5G network launched by Jio.  

Both technology and devices are constantly evolving. It’s getting cheaper and more accessible to the commoner- owing to regular R& D, and we are here to turn it into a reality. We also have our in-built MR cloud for data computing that comes bundled with the JioGlass Appstore.  

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